Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Oh, the hotness

I think it's time for some objectifying. Yup, AfterEllen inspired me with their Hot 100 List. I suggest you check it out if you're looking for some women to objectify.
**Sidenote: Really, I'm 100% feminst, I swear. But I plead guilty on all counts of objectifying women. It's weird, my female friends and I are all the same. And we know, and we make it very clear to our male friends, that guys could never ever get away with saying the things we do without being called on it. But that's the way it is I guess... I'll keep fighting for a more equal society. And objectify in secret. Or in the open. Whatever.**
Here are some examples of hotness, some of which I didn't even think of when I was voting for the list:
Coming in at number 2: Angelina Jolie
No big surprise there... We all know lesbian and bi chicks dig her. And I am no exception. Go Angie go.
Coming in at number 4: Lena Headey
I didn't really get the big fuzz about her when I finally got around to seeing "Imagine Me and You"... but then I saw this picture. And now I totally get it. And her tattoo rocks. My goddess I love me some tattooed lady.
Number 10 on the list: Natalie Portman

Yes, I love her. She looks crazy intense in this specific picture though... just a little bit scary. But I love her head bald. Made me wanna shave all my hair off.

Coming in at number 30: Carly Pope

I remember really liking her in "Popular". And seeing pictures of her from "Dirt", a show I have yet to see, and thinking "she's pretty hot". But I would have never thought of her for this list, to be honest. And then there she was... and wow.

Go check out the other pretty ladies at! Lots of cast members from "The L Word", "Grey's Anatomy", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and plenty more!


Hahn at Home said...

What, no Sela Ward? I like objectifying middle aged women! There are some excellent choices on the list. Helen Mirren reminds me of an old girlfriend (both parts, the old and the girlfriend).

Mialicious said...

I just dont see the hotness in Angelina! My girlfriend thinks she is soooo sexy, but she does nothing for me! Sorry Ange...Give me Melanie C any day;)

Charlotte said...

Isn't Angelina bi?