Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hit Paus, then Play

Well then, it's been a few months... So what happened? I think I just started having too much sex and got overwhelmed by it all. I simply didn't know how to start the blogpost about my conference adventure at the end of April... in a convent of all places. (Pictured below: A convent, though not the one where I was clearly possessed by the ghosts of sexually frustrated, lesbian nuns and seduced by a fellow conference attendee.)

This blog has mainly been about my not having any sex and writing down my celibate ponderings, so after an Easter sex date, a first successful lesbian one-night stand, and then yet another one-night stand while away on a conference for work (that's three women within the scope of a month, who am I, Shane? Yeah, no, really not.) I was overwhelmed by the turn my life, and thus my blog, had taken. And also, I was a bit concerned that I might have used up all of my alotted sex and that I would now be facing a dry spell that would last for years and years to come. Though, that would normalize thing in the blogosphere for me.

See what months without blogging will do? It will leave you typing like a babbling idiot.
So, a quick recap of the sex life of the Anonymous Lesbian:
  • April = Lots of sex
  • May = Contently sans sex
  • June = Another weekend sex date with Miss Sex

And speaking of Miss Sex, I found the perfect description of our relationship when reading Gloria Bigelow's blog on OurChart (you know, that website that was grossly over-advertised on a little lesbian show called "The L Word"). Miss Sex is my OTA, my Outta Town Ass. Gloria's description is spot on: "an OTA is essentially a three-day holiday — a mini relationship one visit at a time. You get all of the perks of a relationship — the romance, the sex, the cuddling and such — but with very little of the relationship trappings — the negotiation, the compromising or the 'let’s just turn in, I’m tired', or the constant needing to shave your legs." Well, spot on except for that last part of shaving your legs, I ain't shaving my legs for nobody's sake except my own if that mood should strike me!

This last weekend with Miss Sex involved musicals (watching the genious that is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and Doris Day in "Calamity Jane"), cotton candy, traumatizing my dog with loud and slightly rough sex, making it up to her with long walks, and me taking care of poor Miss Sex who happened to have the flu the whole time she was here... That didn't stop her from making the most of the visit though.


annoymous cali lesbian said...

This is my first time commenting, but I stumbled across your blog a few months ago, and then happily read it from start to finish. I love it & have nodded my head in agreement many times while reading! And so, since getting to the last April entry several weeks ago, I've awaited your return. Hooray for a new blog entry and double hooray for all the sex you've been having! Keep up the good work.

Brisbane Falling said...

I use to read your blogs all the time and had them as a bookmark, BUT! Then I had school and couldn't remember the address and the name, and it was until a month ago I remembered that I read them.
So, I looked in my bookmarks, and your blogs weren't there!
I finally remembered parts of your display name and have searched for two hours on Google, and just now found you again.
I'm so glad I didn't miss much, and am glad you've been having as much sex as you have been. (Unless you're not satisfied-Then I take it back).

Anonymous said...

Now that you are getting all this lovely sex, share with us some more tips on getting laid. ;)

unschuldigerSukkubus said...

9 months since last update... i can think of the following possible reasons. the blogger

1. has nothing to blog about
2. is exhausted from too much sex with Miss Sex to blog
3. is in a relationship (with Miss Sex?)

my bet is on reason 3. :D

p/s - i heart Cherry Bomb on Afterellen!

Afreen said...

I love your BLOG. It is funny, intriguing and gives a very interesting view of our much eschewed queer lives.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Google.. please post stuff so fun to read!

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