Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The lesbians are everywhere!

Lately, everywhere I look there's lesbians. Granted, at times I rely solely on my gaydar to identify these queer women, but still. It seems spring has brought us lovely warm weather and lesbians in droves. It might be that I've recently moved into a particularly lesbian-populated neighborhood. I didn't know this was lesbo-ville at the time, but I'm not complaining that I meet several dykes every time I take my dog for a walk. It's quite nice actually.
I will admit that my gaydar is slightly over-sensitive. I believe it reacts not only to self-identified bi/lesbian/queer women but also to women who have secret fantasies about women or at some time had a crush on Angelina Jolie. Also, gender study majors totally throw my gaydar off. Good thing The Ex sees the same things I see, so at least I'm not hallucinating completley. Walking back to my place after a long walk around town she too started noticing how LPs (Lesbian Potentials) kept popping up everywhere. And the closer we got to my place the more there were.
I googled "potential lesbian" and this is what I found:
Who knew LP = a young Julie Andrews?
But then if you look at the picture... it kind of makes sense.

Need more proof that I live within some kind of lesbian magnetic forcefield? Remember how I went out this past weekend? For once I mingled lots and met a bunch of new people. Then on Monday I met one of the women from the club at the local grocery store, shopping with her girlfriend, and then another of the women from the club was working behind the counter at the local post office.



Hahn at Home said...

Damn, I knew it. Too bad she's like 70 now.

Anonymous Lesbian said...

Hah! Yeah, she's not only an older woman, she's an OLD OLD older woman. But she sure was a cute baby LP once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

low life garbage lesbians seem to be everywhere these days. and it is filthy pigs like them, why us STRAIGHT GUYS are having trouble meeting a decent woman today. then again, GOD did create so much GARBAGE like them nowadays.