Friday, August 24, 2007

"If I gave you my number..."

I have a confession to make: I'm in love with Tegan Quin. Yes, her sister is cute too. But Tegan... mmm, Tegan.

Yes, I realize that I'm creepy. But I saw Tegan and Sara perform on Wednesday and I was completely and totally mesmerized. The hotness! The talent! The cuteness! The funny! The tattoos! Oh goddess, the tattoos... I could dedicate a full blog entry to the beauty that is inked body art. Basically: Tegan Quin is awesome, her sister is fabulous, and together they form the awesome-fabulous-fantastic Tegan and Sara.

As the fan(atic) I am, I dragged The Ex and Good Guy along with me to sit and wait by the stage for an hour and a half before the show started. Unfortunately there were already tons of people, more fanatic than us, in the best spots, so we ended up being a little bit off to the side and in the second row pretty much. I swear 99% of the people standing in the very front were baby dykes. And they were incredibly cute and all, kissing each other and holding hands, but not so cute when they were elbowing me and having their friends push us out of the way to join them in the front. We elbow back goddamn it!
One of the cutest moments of the show must have been when Sara talked about what an attractive city Malmö is. Paraphrased:
"You are a very attractive city. Like, were we come from, in Canada, there are attractive people. But, there's like no ugly people in your city. It's sort of really unsettling, and um... we also felt really short. Because we're... [Tegan chimes in: "Short."] Yeah, we're short. And everyone here is like a hundred feet taller than us. Its... You're creepy sort of. But awesome! Totally awesome. Okay, so umm... Yeah."
And then they played a song and after that Sara appologized for calling us creepy, but of course everyone was just thrilled to be called anything by Sara so she mostly got applause all the way through. Woohoo, Sara thinks I'm hot. And Tegan agrees, she was nodding. Yup, the world revolves around me and I took it as a personal compliment.


Hahn at Home said...

I'm not really familiar with them (too old), but I am familiar with Bill Murray, the actor, who seems to have been arrested in Stockholm, for driving his golf cart downtown while drunk. How could that happen? Do you have little sidewalks for golf carts? I don't remember it being that way. Or perhaps he blazed his own trail? Just don't run across a lot of news from your land, so thought I'd ask!

Anonymous Lesbian said...

Oh yeah, Bill Murray and the golf cart incident... I'm not too clear on the details but I can assure you that there are no special side walks for golf carts in Stockholm. I've never seen a golf cart on the streets of any Swedish city. And that may be part of the problem... that and the fact that he was intoxicated.

Hahn at Home said...

Intoxicated? Ah, not him, eh? Not him. You know how to deflate a girl.

jessie said...

I absolutely agree. tegan quin is so fucking hot!