Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Concerned Co-Workers and Easter Sex

My co-workers are deeply concerned about me. The reason for all this concern? The fact that I spend my Friday evenings watching old episodes of The Office and crocheting. I agree that it is slightly alarming. I mean, I am in my early 20's, an age that is typically more associated with wild nights out and sleep deprivation. So I find it sweet that two of my co-workers were trying to encourage me to go out and date, or at least find myself a one-night stand or two.
I, of course, informed them of my recently booked four day trip to go see Miss Sex. That is, however, way off in the future, or more specifically Easter weekend (oh, March, you can't come soon enough). I'm very much looking forward to it and I've gone ahead and purchased a few toys to bring along, all to fulfill some of the scenarios Miss Sex and I are itching to put into practice. Well, I didn't tell the co-workers about the toys actually, thought that might be a bit much. But I did tell them that I have some sex planned in already, so my dry spell this time around won't be quite so prolonged.
Miss Sex does live quite a long train ride away though, and so my one co-worker suggested I get myself a more local booty call. That sounds good and all, but honestly Miss Sex is the only queer woman I've met so far who's had such an awesomely free outlook on sex with no strings attached. I've met women who come off as being very free-spirited, but once you get down to it... lots and lots of strings get attached. And then there's others that truly share my outlook on sex, but most of those are my dear friends whom I have no physical attraction towards. But hey, I'm always on the look-out. And anyway, it's not like I wouldn't consider a relationship, should an oppurtunity arise. I just think the chances are slim of me finding someone I can connect with on all the necessary levels and who actually fits into my life of very busy and huge need for alone time. But maybe some day... One things for sure: I've got a drunken night in the near future all planned out and I won't be holding back. And that's a promise.


aaron said...

hi AL
just leaving a comment here saying i've really enjoyed reading your journal
i'm a straight 16year old guy from australia
found it from listening to tegan and sara(who are awesome,btw) and googling them
but yes, looking forward to more posts in the future, i'm excited
in a non-sexual way, ha ha

unschuldigerSukkubus said...

so you weren't kidding about the crocheting. hey at least you're keeping your fingers nimble in preparation of your sex date. :P

t & s will be here in march. i've become a new fan but i can't seem to convince my closest friends (male and straight, if that matters) to like their songs too. i could persuade them into coming by saying that there will be a high chance of them spotting a few lesbians, but that is just so wrong on every level.

Anonymous Lesbian said...

Hey Aaron, welcome!

unschuldigersukkubus: I say luring your straight guy friends along to see Tegan and Sara by promising them lesbian sightings is a valid method. The end justifies the means,right? ;) And it's def not false marketing, there were sooooo many lesbians at their gig I was at in august.