Monday, March 24, 2008

A Psychich Appointment and Easter Sex

I went to see a psychic last week. I had made the appointment six months in advance and waited impatiently for the day to arrive. Of course it ended up not quite living up to my expecations but it was a fun experience and I did get some interesting tidbits out of it. I'm a skeptic at heart though and I did see a lot of signs that she was doing a traditional "cold reading", or so it appeared to me. But then again she was so right on the spot about some things, things that were very specific and that she couldn't have guessed.
One thing that definitely doesn't work in her favor is that she didn't have gaydar. Yes, most people assume that I'm straight, but a damn psychich if anyone should be able to spot that I'm as queer as they come. She was way off, talking about "he's" and "boyfriends" and a man and children in the future. She did backtrack quickly though when I corrected her use of pronoun in reference to an ex of mine, telling me that when she says that she sees "a man and children" in my future she's seeing a family picture, but that it's not necessarily gender specific. Whatever.
In other news: I just got home from a visit with Miss Sex (whom the psychic did mention by name and the city she lives in) and the Easter sex was fabulous. As far as details go... Well, I did get to enjoy the wonders of strap-on sex for the first time (good times!). Miss Sex also introduced me to the beauty that is Flight of the Conchords and we watched some season 5 episodes of The L Word and were inspired by the sex scenes in more ways than one. But back to Flight of the Conchords:

Oh, so many quotables. In that song and in others. But my new favorite line has got to be: "She's so hot she's making me sexist. Bitch."