Friday, July 20, 2007

"I just want to go out and get laid"

It's Friday afternoon, I'm home early from work and feeling the need to write a quick entry before heading off to the country side for a quiet, restful weekend with my sis and our dogs.
I saw Ex-Gaybor yesterday and I managed to work up the nerve to tell her, straight out, that I don't think we're romantically compatible. I told her I'd still like to hang out with her, but that I feel that we are better off as just friends and she took it really calmly and matter of factly. And then we switched to some other, very non-charged topic of discussion. Felt sort of silly getting so riled up and nervous about it, really. It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders now though. I'm so happy and excited to be totally uncomplicatedly no-strings attached single again!
But I still really need to get laid.
Thing is, I really am a happy single gal, most of the time. Once in a while I'll start feeling really lonely but it doesn't take long to remind myself of my great friends, my dog, and my family and then I don't feel very lonely at all anymore. So my biggest issue tends to be: The lack of sex. As I've mentioned before, I have a major sex drive. Unfortunately, it very seldom gets used to it's maximum capacity. Right now it's been about six months since I last had sex. With The Ex, one drunken night. And I need to get me some sex.
Problem is, I am somehow challenged in the scoring department. I'm the queen of making out, but I can't seem to take the step to the bedroom. I blame it on my bed. It's the magic bed that makes women want to talk about their feelings. Or maybe it has something to do with me being a social worker. Regardless, every time a woman's in my bed and all i want to do it get it on, all she wants to do is talk about her feelings or about past relationships or whatever other issues she has. Case in point: Sleep Over Girl.
Right now I'm putting all my hope to Stockholm Pride. "I am not afraid, I will get laid. I am not afraid I will get laid", say it with me: "I am not afraid, I will get laid..."
Mantras are good shit.


Missbubake said...

I'm not afraid, I will get laid. I'm not afraid, I will get laid. Is it working yet??? Let me know. 'Cause if it does, I have some chanting to do :0)

Hahn at Home said...

I have 3 magic words until you succeed, because you will: Hitachi Magic Wand

Anonymous Lesbian said...

missbubake: No luck yet, but these mantras demand concentration and time. I'll be sure to update you when the universe responds and finally gets me laid.

hahn at home: Thank you for the words of encouragement. And while I don't have a Hitachi Magic Wand, I do have other adequate battery operated helpers. Thank goddess!

Getting laid online said...

I am not sure, will this with mantra work? :)