Monday, March 17, 2008

Falling in Love x 3

I went to see Tegan and Sara this past week and they were amazing, as always. Just like last time the place was overflowing with baby dykes. Once again Sara told us that we were a very attractive city and Tegan agreed. And once again I took it as a personal compliment and the self esteem boost lasted for days and days. Here's proof:
Though I really needed that to comfort me since Tegan didn't happen to see me in the crowd, propose marriage to me on the spot and then dedicate "Nineteen" to me.
Of course to me she would have been singing "hi" instead of "bye". Then I would have left my stressful job that's giving me grief lately and gone on tour with them and we'd live happily ever after. Oh well, sometimes things don't happen the way you plan.
Regardless, I pretty much fell in love three times that wonderful night. Once with Tegan, once with Sara, and then also with Hesta Prynn from Northern State, the opening band for the evening. Oooh girl, that woman is smokin'! The whole group was pretty awesome, and very friendly hanging out by the merch table after the show.


Charlotte said...

That happened to me.
But it was Hesta Prynn, Sara, then Tegan.
They look like they were really cute when they're tired!

Kaye said...

Hesta is very very hot.

Anonymous Lesbian said...

Charlotte: Yes, that's the order it went in for me too. :)

tegan and sara lover said...

im a straight guy
but i love tegan and sara..
what do u think?

Vince Stead said...

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