Thursday, April 12, 2007

Love at first sight: Fact or fiction?

I'm not one to believe in that romantic shit about love at first sight and soul mates and such... but then again, I sort of am. Let's just say I really want to believe in it but then my cynicism takes over and I settle into bitter mode in which I picture a life as a crazy lady living out in the woods where my only friends are my various pets (and possibly life size cardboard cutouts of beautiful women). The point is: Yesterday I met a beautiful woman. Or... well, I didn't so much meet her as stare at her from a distance. She was standing ahead of me and a colleague in the line for a lunch restaurant and she was just beautiful and she had one of those lovely and shy smiles that turned me into a shy, and probably drooling, girl. So basically I stood there, a few feet away from her, and stared shamelessly with my mouth wide-open for a few mintues. Then she ordered (writing down the order on a note pad since she was apparently deaf), got her food, and left. I slowly closed my mouth and turned to my colleague: "Damn, that girl was beautiful." To which my colleague replied with a little laugh and a "She was, huh?" And now she's gone and I'll probably never see her again... Which has led to my obsessing over love at first sight and how maybe the intense attraction I felt for this girl could have something to do with a potential connection between us. It's worth exploring... except she paralyzed me and I couldn't do shit until she left. And then it was too late. Maybe watching "Imagine Me and You" yesterday wasn't a good choice of movie? A story all about taking chances and an attraction so strong you can't ignore it. Alla wrapped up in the pink cloud that is a classical romantic comedy, of course. But yesterday it held some profound meaning to me... or maybe it was just PMS.


Anonymous said...

Love at first sight does happen. I've experienced it three times. It's very intense, and kinda crazy. It doesn't mean that the person ends up your soulmate or that the relationship lasts a lifetime. Otherwise I'd just have one experience with it.

Scientist would say the she has compatable DNA with you and that's why the instant attraction.

Rebecca Lowe said...

I completely relate to every word you said, I’ve just never known how to word it myself. I saw the most amazingly beautiful girl you could ever dream of, I instantly felt like I loved her - which freaked me out because I didn’t believe in it until that point, I literally felt like a stalker hahaha! We spoke after I felt that intense feeling and her personality made me fall in love even more. We ended up being close friends for about 4 years. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to her but 8 years later and my love for her still hasn’t faded even though we lost contact a couple of years ago. I can’t even put into words that feeling I felt when I first saw her and when we first spoke, I’ve spent endless nights thinking about “was it love at first sight?” or “Am I mad?”. I probably am, but I love her and I hope we reconnect one day and she finds someone that’s right for her.