Monday, April 30, 2007

(So called) straight girl?

I used to pride myself on never falling for straight girls. In fact, I was never even attracted to straight women. Even when I didn't know anything about a woman's sexuality, chances were: if I was attracted to her, she was queer. But then again, sexuality can be very fluid. And right now I'm pretty damn attracted to a woman who very much identifies as straight. Could it be she just hasn't uncovered her inner lesbian yet? And more importantly: Could it be she just needs a little help uncovering said lesbian? Straight Girl is, although claiming to be decidedly heterosexual, expressing an interest in me. She's was a bit flirtatious last time I saw her (this weekend) and our common friends claim she has been talking quite a bit about me. So maybe Straight Girl ain't really so straight? Perhaps she's at the very least bi-curious?
Really this whole straight girl thing isn't as new to me as I'd like to make it seem. It seems that I attract straight people. Straight men hit on me, straight women hit on me... in fact, even gay guys take an interest in me (although completely non-romantic of course) when I'm out and about. The cruel hand that fate has dealt me is that everyone seems to find me somewhat interesting except the lesbians and bisexuals. But sometimes a "straight girl" is only a bisexual grrl in the making. Now, I really don't want to come across as a predatory lesbian (my friends will testify I'm anything but that) but let's look at the facts:

Women I've had sex with: 3 (yeah, I'm really no player)

Women I've had sex with where I've been their first woman: 3

Yup, 100 % shared their first experience of lesbian sex with me. (And I still haven't received my toaster oven! What's up with that?!) Of course, it should be said those girls weren't "straight girls" when I met them. They were girls who identified to various degrees as bi or at the very least bi-curious. And while I haven't slept with many girls I have made out with plenty (I'm a make out slut, it's true). And many of those were straight girls who'd had a few drinks and started to feel the need to experiment their way to self-discovery. And they decide to do it with me. I think there's something about me, maybe something safe, that allows them to fool around with me without threatening their existense too much. Maybe it's that I look so traditionally hetero? They know I'm gay, but they can sort of pretend like they're just making out with one of their straight girlfriends?
It's not even that I mind being some kind of transitionary station for bicurious girls. I just wonder why that is? And why all the out and proud dykes are refusing to flock to me the way I want them to?
Straight Girl though... I'm totally going for it. I'm in dating-mode and I'm unstoppable.


Inte som alla andra said...

You seem to be just like me! Wanna go for a date, and I am sure I am NOT straight!

Anonymous Lesbian said...

haha, I think that a date would compromise my anonymity...

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious. you should make a tv show out of ure stories. like have u ever heard of ex's and oh's. i think it was canceled but yours is like it only funnier. go search for it if u never heard of it. and apparently u n i have the some of the same probs -kell

anastacia said...

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Anonymous said...

"The cruel hand that fate has dealt me is that everyone seems to find me somewhat interesting except the lesbians and bisexuals."

This is so true!!! I'm a very soft butch or "gentlemanly" as I call it. No self call but people tell me I'm cute and I have a nice ass and I'm petite and everyone always recognizes me as a girl even when I'm in button-down shirts and a blazer. However all of this seems to only attract gay guys at the club! lol So I'm still looking around as well. Where are the femmes??